Art-space "Something Interesting"

"Something Interesting" is a shop where the magic of glass shines. Here, we can see how the nature and glass turn into unique handmade jewelry, pictures, lamps and lights, while each of them has its own history and mood. They will share this mood with you.

In 2011, our shop has opened in the very heart of Lviv, in a cozy yard under the lucky number 13. So we consider ourselves to be lucky too! Our yard is an ideal place for art experimenters. "SI" is an open-air gallery where, as the weather allows, different art events take place. As we have met many new friends in our shop and gallery, we wanted to spend more time with them, have a coffee together and work on common projects. This is how the cafeteria, the shop and a special corner for sharing experiences and getting inspired have appeared. Here, you can visit different master classes, lectures, watch films and taste fresh homemade pies. Here, you can make yourself at home but please be prepared for it to be much more interesting than at home! "SI" is a team of professionals, actors and enthusiasts, who love their work above all.

We like to do the experiments, to combine irreconcilable things details and to surprise you. We want to bring the existing Ukrainian glass to an entirely new level of performance. We adore the beauty as well much as you do.